Tuesday, December 9, 2008

That's not fair....

I am sure that everyone of us have used the phrase "that's not fair"! Probably more as kids than adults but no doubt as adults we have used this. When an injustice is committed whether it be something as big as murder or as something trivial as someone taking our seat on a public bus, there is something that cries out within us "where is the justice". No matter how one tries to suppress the knowledge of God in creation, the same God made us in His own image; bearing the image of the Creator has many different aspects to it, but one is the desire for justice. The late C.S. Lewis, a brilliant scholar and a defender of the faith that is so bitterly under attack, presents a brilliant argument for this cry for justice in Mere Christianity. He calls is the moral argument that proves the existence of God. He says so rightly, we always appeal to a standard. When an injustice is committed we will say that's unjust or that is unfair. So we are appealing to a standard of fairness. 
Who set up this standard of fairness?? No doubt the evolutionist will say oh well just like we evolved from goo to you via the zoo, morality likewise evolved. Yet what does God's Word say?? The Bible says in Hebrews 8:10 I will write my laws on their hearts. I have heard stories of missionaries going into villages in the most remote, unreached, areas in Africa who did not know there were 10 commandments, much less what they were; the missionaries asked what are the laws in this village? The response was do not murder, do not steal, do not commit adultery, etc. How in the world did these natives who have never heard the Bible, quote the 1o commandments of God?? Again because God has written it upon their hearts. 
As far as the morality evolving issue, there is never a time in human history as far as I know that morality has not existed. We see pictures (which by the way are artists inventions and not accurate) of cave men as savages, who live by the law of the land. Yet this is not what we see ever since the beginning we see law, now of course there are lawbreakers, in fact the Bible says there is no human that ever lived without sinning (Romans 3:23). Yet law has always exited so how could it have evolved?? Evolution says we are getting better, is that what we see in our society?? Not at all we see man getting worse, we see people committing more crimes than ever. Yet what does the word of God say, even men will grow from bad to worse, the Bible says lawlessness will increase. Exactly what we see in society!! Coincidence?? 


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