Wednesday, December 17, 2008

God is awesome!!!

I have been in contact with an atheist from New York and I am trying to show him the truth of the Word of God. He has sent me an email and said that the prophecies of the Bible were "so vague", after I gave him evidence to prove the opposite; when confronted with undeniable truth his response was "your boring me", of course I forwarded it to all of my "unintelligent" creationist friends. Yet as we move into this season where the focus is on the Lord Jesus Christ (as much as the liberals are trying to change this), it is exciting what God has said thousands of years before Christ came to earth, He brought it about. This just shows that God unlike us, always keeps His word. 

Yet the fulfilled prophecies of the Bible are solid proof to the divine authorship to the Word of God. The mathematical odds for Jesus to fulfill 7 prophecies, (keep in mind that He fulfilled hundreds) are astronomical. In fact a mathematician has figured the odds of Jesus fulfilling seven prophecies. (Keep in mind all the while that He fulfilled hundreds). The mathematical odds of Jesus fulfilling just 7 prophecies would be the same as if you covered the entire earth in 4x4 inch while tiles, with a gold star hidden under one!!! Then you walking up on the very first try and finding the tile with the gold star under it, oh yea by the way you are blindfolded!!! Now you may say that is impossible, truly there is nothing impossible with God because it certainly took place.  

check out this website for a list of prophecies Christ Himself fulfilled. 

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  1. Your atheist friend is bored because we who have been Christians in the past know that what you say is just a bunch of made up stuff by ancient human beings, and there are so many interpretations of the "word" that Christians of the thousands of various denominations cannot even come to any agreement. If you put all of you 2500+ denominations of Christians into a huge arena you all would fight and kill each other till no one was left standing. And your god would never show up to clarify things. This god seems to always need ignorant humans to become brainwashed by some idiot pastor, and then these same humans are the ones to go out and deliver these various messages, according to their own interpretations. This god never speaks for himself.

    And this god also needs human money for "his work" to be done. Nothing happens without money, and nothing happens without human intervention.

    You are believing whatever you are "fed", you are looking at "evidence" to support exactly what you want things to mean while ignoring other possibilities.

    If you are stranded on a deserted island and no humans around and get a severe case of appendicitis, for example, you will either have to operate on yourself or die because NO GOD COMES.

    No god comes to help the innocent children who are abused, dying of hunger in Africa while vultures wait on the sidelines in anticipation of a meal, no god comes when a child is sick and dying of cancer. No god even protects his faithful followers from tornadoes bearing down on their homes and churches. Because there is no god. God is a figment of human imagination, as are all the gods of all the mythologies. People invent religions and gods to explain things they do not know or understand. Instead of simply saying they do not know, they just make up their own answers. They don't like the idea of being the only ones in the vast universe, so make up god explanations.

    It is ludicrous to think that there is a god that makes billions and billions of individuals and knows what they do, when they have sex, who they have sex with, and all aspects of billions of peoples' lives past present and future. It is absurd that an all-powerful god creates humans with a free choice and then punishes them for making the choice he doesn't like...and punishes them by raping a virgin and impregnating her and creating a son for himself (which is really this god in human disguise)to be tortured and murdered in the most bloody and horrific way simply because his creatures exercised free will.

    This is as absurd of a mythology as any mythology ever invented by human beings. The god of Abraham is the meanest cruelest of any of ancient mythology of any culture.

    And if you believe your Bible is the exact true word of god, then you should be dead because I am sure you smart-mouthed your parents when you were young, and according to Leviticus, you should be stoned to death. (I will interpret that to "oh that was the society back then" and explain it away.) That's how you Christians do. You twist and turn the Bible and use its contradictions and inconsistencies to satisfy any stance you want to take.